Donating! As requested..

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Donating! As requested..

Post  Hobovitch on Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:15 am

A few people have asked me how to donate to help the server and increase slots, its fairly simple.

Since a few people expressed Interest, and this is purely optional, you can send a small donation of £3, or $4.50 which you grant you..
- Donator Kit (One Diamond Toolset consisting of Axe, Sword, Shovel and Pickaxe. An Alchemy Bag (White only, sorry!) which you could use
once a day
- Access to Disco Sheep Plugin, the greatest Plugin ever made (EVER), google it to find out more, just make sure you don't abuse it! Smile

If you'd like to donate more, feel free, please understand you are donating purely to help the server, you are not paying for these benefits, yet they will be given if you donate Smile

You might ask "Why donate?" since you get a lot of the stuff for free on this server, as warps, residence and home are available for all members. I aceept donations as it helps me pay for the server. Every extra slot costs $1.58 per month, which soon adds up. The more I get donated, the better the server becomes simply.

To send me a donation, you must have a paypal account. Send your funds via paypal to happyhobo_64@hotmail(dot)com, then send me a private message on the forum, informing me you have donated, and what your ingame username is, and I will upgrade you as soon as possible.

Donations will be done monthly, if you would like to stop donating, please do not send me your next payment, and I will remove you from the usergroup. This is, of course, up to you. You can also donate for other members if you feel like it.

Thanks for playing MooseCraft, its truely great to have you on here and Im glad you are enjoying yourself!


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