Still banned?

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Still banned?

Post  Tiz on Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:06 am

Hey hobo,

I am sure you are aware quite some time ago you banned my friend and, after a small argument, me as well. You also said you would unban me after i posted a ban appeal on this site and understood why you banned my friend although I am still banned?

Until today I wasn't too troubled about not being unbanned. Although i missed the server and the people who i played with regularly i didn't want be a fuss about it all. But recently I have been dying to jump back into the moose craft community, as i love this server and all the people who play on it.

Please could you think of unbanning me as i did nothing wrong, except have a little argument with you.

Many thanks, TizGeo
(Sorry i forgot my password so i had to put Tiz)


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